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Wapiti Woolies


Wapiti Woolies
58414 SR 410 East
Greenwater, WA 98022-8041
(360) 663-2268

    Open 7 Days a Week
    (800) 766-5617

    Since 1974

    We are currently out of Wapiti Custom Hats and unable to take new orders.
    We are working out our production problems and the hats will be back soon.
    (Of course we still have a large selection of other hats, helmets, clothing,
    skiing & hiking outdoor gear and accessories!)

    Thanks for your continued support and please stay in touch!
    Bob & Debbie

    ●Established in 1974, WAPITI WOOLIES has been known for making the finest hats available anywhere in the world.

    ●We offfer a fine selection of hats, clothing, gifts, outdoor apparrel and equipment in the small community of Greenwater
    - located in the middle of the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington, U.S.A.

    ●Our Coffee Shop serves up Starbucks coffe drinks, Huckelberry Ice Cream, Hot Sandwiches, and Snacks.

    Please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or "snail-mail". Response will be prompt and satisfaction is guaranteed.

    Ed Viesturs

    ďNo Shortcuts to the TopĒ
    Quoting from the book about sponsors

    Some relationships I sought out personally because I already used the products that the company made. But in several cases, the product filled such a specialized niche that giving me financial support didnít make sense for the company. An example is the kind of wool hat Iíve worn on all my Himalayan climbs. Itís made by a small family-run company called Wapiti Woolies, out of Greenwater, Washington. Even though Mountain Hardwear and Outdoor Research make hats, they understand that Iíll be wearing Woolies on the mountain. Itís a hat Iíve grown to love, and I donít want to change it.
    Ed Viesturs

    Ed's 8000 Meter Hat!

    Phil & Sue Ershler


Send mail to bob@wapitiwoolies.com
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